Ariadne’s Thread (2014)
A Film By Haya Fumm & Vitorio De Janeiro
Written and Directed by: Haya Fumm and Vitorio De Janeiro
Original Music: Jacky Ligon, Nikola Jeremć & Vitorio De Janeiro


Ariadne’s Thread is a poetic contemplation of the idea of love, separation, travel, and the concept of not belonging. Using poetry as the only form of dialogue, the film tells the story of Tara, a young woman struggling with an outburst of emotions as her lover, Alex, declares that he’s leaving. She does not know why or when, but she knows he will leave. The film studies her state of mind while dealing with concept of separation, dividing it to different levels. The first level, that of “reality” is her relationship with Alex. The second level, “the subconscious”, relates her situation with Alex to an older story in her past in which she was deeply heartbroken. The final level is the level of the “the ethereal” – the state of dream, or the poetic, artistic level in which Tara can only function. The story follows Tara’s transformation, as she travels the interweaving landscapes of dream, reality, poetry and love, and a beautiful symphony comes out.

Using the cinematic language, the written word, painting and music, this film creates a movable painting of human emotions, exploring the need to belong, juxtaposed with impossibility of belonging. The events of this film transcend all languages and times, they can unfold anywhere, and can happen at any time of human life. That’s why it is likely to strike a familiar, albeit painful chord with wide variety of audiences.

Here’s the full list of festivals where the film has been submitted, or are planned to submitted to:

Sundance Film Festival
Ann Arbor Film Festival
Hong Kong International Film Festival
International Film Festival Rotterdam
LA Film Fest
Telluride Film Festival
Raindance Film Festival
Tribeca Film Festival
Venice Film Festival
Sarajevo Film Festival
South by Southwest
Edinburgh International Film Festival

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